Team Value Proposition.

How Hotbox Sports supports the advertising sponsorship:
  1. Hotbox Sports integrates the sponsorship brand into the game so that the fan is regularly encouraged to interact with the sponsorship brand
  2. One Basketball Player will have his points doubled per game period, which will be identified with some form of the Sponsor’s brand name
  3. A “Like” button, linking to the Sponsor’s Facebook page, is placed on the Live Scoring page
  4. Every contest period, a “Set Lineups” reminder is sent to the fans and a Sponsor banner is integrated into the email
  5. At the end of every contest period, winners are announced via Facebook and the Sponsor is highlighted
  6. A customizable Page Takeover can be made to announce promotions and current offerings – will appear when the fan sets their lineup

Fantasy Challenge Demo.

Customizable Trigger.

A customizable trigger is built in the game so sponsors can run promotions or current offers. A “Page Takeover” box will appear when a player sets their Fantasy Challenge Lineup.

Facebook “Like” Button.

A Facebook “Like” button to sponsor’s social network on Live Scoring Page.


Set Lineup” email reminders are sent every game period with the sponsorship banner included.

Social Integration.

Social Network Sponsorship Integration is used for winner announcements and updates.

Value Added.

Example of web-based ads and in-stadium LED’s.