About Hotbox Sports and its Executive Committee.

Hotbox Sports Ventures has created a patented technology platform that provides white-label games for major professional sports teams and leagues, State Lottery programs and gaming institutions through utilization of its proprietary software based on its robust patent base. Since its launch in 2005, Hotbox Sports has become the largest developer of team-based contests that are designed for major professional sports based in the USA and globally.

Hotbox Sports is the first and only Fantasy Sports technology company to link professional sports teams and leagues together with their partners and sponsors to generate revenue and maximize the opportunities resulting from a changing global marketplace. Hotbox Sports is strongly positioned to bridge the gap between sports entities and State/Government-run and regulated lotteries, while also serving a strong internationally-based client base of sports teams with globally-recognized brands and truly global revenue-generating ambitions.

Hotbox Sports Ventures values its ability to adapt to a ​constantly changing marketplace. The company equally values and takes pride in its integrity, its credibility and the emphasis placed on our professional relationships, forged ​from ​decades of excellent performance.

The Executive Committee guiding Hotbox Sports Ventures brings vast industry experience, knowledge and diverse financial, sports and technology-based skill-sets to the company and its partners. Please meet our leadership team:

Tarek Bahou

Founder, Chairman, President

The inventor of the current intellectual property and founder of HSV, Tarek Bahou works fulltime as its Chairman and President. Under Tarek’s leadership, HSV has grown from an idea to an enterprise-level website, which boasts the highest user engagement levels of any competitor in the industry.

Hugo Victoria

Chief Executive Officer

Hugo Victoria is a professional with an exceptional record on managing large international groups, having spent the last 14 years developing his career in the Media and Sports Sectors. Mr. Victoria was appointed General Manager of one of the largest Spanish Media Agencies at the age of 32, and his biggest success was to achieve further implementation and consolidation of the world’s biggest Communication Group in the Spanish market; as a result of the success in the project, he was appointed member of the European Board, and was assigned the management of the operation in France, as acting CEO. After a successful project in France, since January 2012 he became EMEA General Manager and CFO, position based in London and combining general management and CFO functions. In this position, Mr. Victoria was in charge of 35 countries, 75 companies and more than 2,500 employees. At the same time during these years Mr. Victoria has been requested to advise several Professional Teams and Sports Organizations (among other Real Madrid) on their business structures and plans, as well as on designing and putting in place new strategies to improve their revenues models. During his professional career Hugo has worked and managed companies in Europe, Latam and Asia, being in charge of 35 countries and more than 2,500 employees. Currently Mr. Victoria has founded his own sports boutique and sits on the Board of several international companies.

Marcel Mamie

Vice Chairman

Marcel Mamie is Vice Chairman in Hotbox Sports, in charge of business development for Europe & Latin America, as well as strategy & finance. As CEO  & Founder of Mamie Capital AG, Switzerland, fundraiser in hightech, he organized and led the last 3 raises of HSV. He and his team, under guidance of Diego Martinez, were responsible for bringing in all European Operators for HSV. 30 years acting as financial advisor in industrial risks, pension planning and asset management, representing multiple insurance and banking institutions, based in US, England and Switzerland. Marcel currently sits on the BoD for Boomwriter Media Inc., Boston. Graduated from Winterthur Business School, specializing in banking, insurance brokerage and management.

Rafael Deutsch

Board Member

Mr. Deutsch’s educational background includes a BS in Electronics Engineering.   His professional activity includes Strategic Planning and Marketing in Consumer Electronics and Technology.  He worked at Grupo Retco, a 65 year old family enterprise with interest in manufacturing of auto parts, metal industry and distribution of major consumer electronics brands such as Samsung, where he served as Sales Manager from 1985-1990; Marketing Director from1990-1995; General Managing Director from 1995-2010 and CEO from 2010 through the present.

Brian Neville

Cofounder, Director of Operations, and Board Member

Brian Neville, Co-founder and Director of Operations of Hotbox Sports, works directly with the CEO to develop and implement broad scope business strategies for HSV. This includes but is not limited to: new product development, allocations of company resources, managing business relationships, as well as promoting a company culture of collaboration and engagement. Brian maximizes efficiency by effectively managing personalities and anticipating logistical challenges during product development and implementation. He is also the primary creative voice with regards to new product development.

Don Casey

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Coach Casey’s on-court basketball resume is extensive and is highlighted by stints as head coach of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and New Jersey Nets, and long-time assistant coach of the Boston Celtics. Don Casey is best known for his implementation of zone defenses and is the brainchild of the Temple Zone, which is now utilized at all levels of basketball. His book “Own the Zone” is considered a coaches bible to not only implement a zone defense but also beating it.

Norman Oliver

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Norman M. Oliver, a native of Delaware, is a former Wilmington City Councilman of the 4th District, where he served from 1992 until January 2005. During his stint as a public servant he served as the Chairman of the Democratic Party for Delaware from 2004 to 2005. Norman has served on several boards including Delaware State University’s Board of Directors from 2007-2009.