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Fantasy football was created way back in 1962 by Wilfred “Bill” Wickenbach together with Scotty Stirling and George Ross in a hotel room in Manhattan Hotel (now Milford Plaza) with the inspiration of playing other fantasy games such as fantasy golf and fantasy baseball. They succeeded and together with their other friends.

Now, it has gathered a good number of followers. We are one of them.

One fantasy football league in which you can choose teams from is the American League NFL or National Football League. The game is played by setting rules to govern a football game in which avid fans of sports can make a choice of what league they want to be a part of. Then they can set their own line-up of players each and every week to participate in official games or for a season. An average of 12 teams is known to participate in this season. Average means sometimes it could be more that 12 teams, and sometimes lesser. Their scores will be based on either how good their acquired rosters or how the players maximize these rosters talents. And with the advancement of technology, fantasy football’s popularity reaches already more than 30 million in the United States and continues o grow in other parts of US.

Most fantasy football players are huge fans of American football or NFL. Playing the game, make them feel like they are the ones actually playing football. It gives them the feel of being the general manager (the one that acts as an advisor of the head coach) since you have the liberty to bench players, cut players and add players. This also allows you to make trades with the other owners (players) in the league.

This site is a collection of blogs and insights from different fantasy football players, bloggers, and anyone who just loves this fantasy game and is also regularly updated. Here, news about fantasy football, are posted that will keep you updated of each season’s latest. Aside from these, this site will also give an opportunity to its visitor to leave a comment, feedback, or suggestions regarding fantasy football. The news may be about the players, about the different league seasons (Pro Bowl, Kickoff, International Games, Thanksgiving, and etc.), or anything that is in trend of the fantasy football world, which certainly came from a very reliable source delivering news coverage.