Football Players with Criminal Records

A common myth in the football world is that footballers should be disciplined. Thus, they are often seen as role models around the globe. Similar to us, footballers are human and have flaws.

Despite their ability to score goals or their close control ability, they still aren’t saints. Most children idolize footballers, which creates pressure on them to live up and be a good example.

However, in reality, footballer’s talents don’t match their conduct with people. While footballers appear on their coach’s lineup, some also appear on the police lineup. To have a full list click here and below are some of the football players who have criminal records we came up with while conducting our background checks:

Joey Barton

He was an English midfielder who is popularly known for his violent incidents. His violent tendencies include storming out of Eastland’s in April 2004 before kickoff.

On July 2004, he sparked a mass brawl during a preseason friendly with Don Caster. In December 2004, during the clubs Christmas bash, he stubbed a lit cigar in Jamie Tandy’s eye (his teammate). Joey was fined 6-weeks wages by the club.

He broke a pedestrian’s leg in May 2005 as he was driving his car in Liverpool city center at 2 am. In June the same year, he was fined by his club after being involved in an argument with a 15-year-old fan in Bangkok.

In October 2006, he dropped his shorts during a match with Everton. He received a FA warning and another fine.

In December 2007, he assaulted a man and the assault was captured on camera. He was sentenced to six months in 2008. However, it is believed he only served for two months.

Still, in 2008, he was sentenced to four months after a training-ground incident with his teammate Ousmane Dabo. However, he didn’t serve after his sentence was suspended.

Tony Adam

Tony Adams was an English defender. He was a favorite of many due to his outstanding contributions in his club, which got him the name – Mr. Arsenal.

His career lasted 22 years, during which he enables his club win 3 FA cups, and four league titles. He was captain for 14 years. In 1990, he was convicted for drunk-driving and served 58 days in prison.

Eric Cantona

In January 1995, he was dismissed during the Premiership game between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. As he was walking toward the tunnel, rage got the best of him.

A fan that has hauling insults angered him. He kung-Fu kicked and punched the fan severally. He was then arrested for assault. Luckily, his two-week jail sentence was overturned and became a 120-hours community service.

Jermaine Pennant

Who said Billericay Town`s signing comes free? In 2005, Pennant was forced to publicly out on an electronic tag while in Birmingham city. Previously, he had been convicted for driving offenses and served a three-month jail sentence.

George Best

Best is a Northern Irishman who holds a respectful position in Manchester United`s tradition. He was among the most talented players the club has ever had in history. His struggles with alcohol were not a secret and haunted him till he passed away in 2005.

George received a 12-week sentence in 1984 after he was arrested for drunk driving and assault of a police officer. That year, he spent Christmas in jail.

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