What You Need to Know about Football Darts

Football Darts

Of course, we are all aware of football and darts is a fun sport and a great pub game. However, are you well aware that there is such a thing called football darts? Sounds absurd, right? After all, who in their right minds would combine such different games?

Well, here’s where you’re wrong. Football darts and its Darts Beasts are certainly a thing now. If you’re not aware of this game, it’s high time that you start learning it as it’s not only entertaining but very challenging too. To get you started, here is your basic guide to playing football darts:

A New Fun Game is Created

Recently, a website called mentioned about the game called football darts. In this game, everything is simple, but it’s all done plus size!

First, instead of using dart arrows, you’re going to use “footballs” that are covered in Velcro. These balls are then thrown towards a large inflatable dartboard. By giant, it means that the dartboard is more than 20 feet high – significantly greater and 20 times bigger than your regular dartboard.

A Variety of Games can be Done

Test your kicking skills by hitting the football as hard and accurate as possible. The goal is that you get the highest score as much as possible. You can do this alone, with a partner, or in a group where you can divide the players into teams for a competitive gameplay.

What’s more amazing is that this game can be played in a lot of ways. You can do relays, drinking challenges, and more. You just have to be creative in coming up with a game mechanic.

Other Unique Football Games

As mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to play this game. They’re really fun to play both individually or with a group.

Zorb Football

If you want to keep on laughing while playing, the Zorb Football is a fun game that you can play with your friends. Here, you’ll be encased in a giant inflatable balloon while you run around the field kicking a tiny ball while trying to keep your balance.


This is also another game wherein you’ll end up loving. Basically, the game is a combination of football and golf. All you have to do is kick and pass the ball like how you do it in football and shoot it in a golf goal. It’s super addicting and fresh as it’s not like any other sports.

Play with a Legend

In the site mentioned above, you can also get to play with over 50 football legends in the area. Yes, you heard it right. Here, you can have a game of two with any of your football heroes. You can play with them in the same team or fight with each other in a friendly competition.

Giant Table Football

Just like how a table football is played, you’d get to strap yourself as you try to keep your composure while trying to hit the ball. The only difference is that the field where you’re going to play in is super huge. If you want to sweat and laugh at the same time, this one is for you.

These are just some of the most entertaining and funniest sports combinations and twists that you can do with your friends and family, so give them a try.

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