Football-Shaped Super Bowl Food Ideas

Football-Shaped Super Bowl Food

When its Super Bowl time, everyone goes crazy. Do you know one of the coolest ways to get into the mood of the season? One way to do this is to shape your food like footballs while you watch the game. Here is the Sun Basket Review & 50% off Coupon Code from where you can order these food. Don’t forgot to check below super bowl food ideas that you can order online that you’ll definitely go nuts about.

Football Pizza

There can’t be a game without pizza – it just won’t be complete. What’s better than any ordinary pizza is a football-shaped pizza. All you have to do to make the shape of the dough in a football shape instead of a circle. Then you can add your toppings like cheese, tomato sauce, and our favorite – pepperoni.

Deviled Eggs

Eggs are already pretty much shaped like footballs, so there’s no need for any special shaping here. Just make some hard boiled eggs and chop them in half. Make the mix of relish, mayonnaise, and mustard for the sauce. To make the stitch in the middle, top the egg with some spring onions and try to shape it like the stitching.

Football Hot Dog Sandwich

There’s not much shaping here too because hot dog sandwiches do look like footballs in some weird way. The only thing you need to do is use your mustard and ketchup to make the design so that it resembles a football.

Football Shaped Cheese Sandwiches

Usually, we cut our sandwiches in triangles. Since its football season, we cut them up in football shapes. Make the usually grilled cheese sandwich with grilled cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. Now, cut them up in football shapes and create a stitch pattern with mayo or mustard at the top.

Jalapeno Football Cheese Ball

Everyone loves cheese balls with jalapenos. Everyone will love it more when you shape it and design it like a football. Make sure you carve the oval shape on the cheese ball and use some sliced cheese to make the stitch design.

Football Brownies

No super bowl meal is complete without dessert. For starters, we have football brownies. They’re basically like normal brownies but in the shape of footballs. Also, you can use sugar glazing to make the design so that it will look like a football.

Football Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

If you’ve got a real sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce with glazing as the decoration. Just buy a bunch of strawberries, mix up a batch of nice thick chocolate sauce, and dip it in. Chill for a while and put on the glazing.


Do you want to have a ball (pardon the pun) while watching your next Super Bowl game? Then, try making these little snacks for the family to enjoy. You can either make them homemade or order them through home meal delivery services. Yes, there are platforms that can customize food for you! Just tell them exactly what you want, and they’ll have it ready for you just in time for the game. That way, everyone can enjoy the game and get into the mood.

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