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10 of the Most Popular Football Websites

Every football enthusiast would always want to know every update of what’s going on in the football field. That is why with the help of Certa Hosting web host, there are a number of football websites online that you can visit whenever you want a dose of football news.

To save your time wandering online about websites for football, here are the 10 of the most popular football websites you can visit.

101 Great Goals

The website has been providing the latest news of football, videos, and goal clips. 101 Great Goals is also a media publisher of football globally. The website constantly updates football news, social media, and video every single day a week.

The only website that has a dedicated Indian Version for football fans. This international site offers fresh, live and latest news of football, live scores, rumors, results, fixtures, transfers, and profile of the players all around the world.

Football FanCast

From the latest blogs and football news to the championship and premiership of football games, Football FanCast never misses to give a daily dosage of Football updates. Opinions, live videos, debates, and podcasts are updated from time to time. It is also one of the best-established football blogs that provide insights and analysis of the beautiful game.


For those who seek updated and latest news about football, TeamTalk is one of the leading UK media destinations you can find. The online website not just offers fresh news and updates but also lets you become the next football superstar with their personalized shirts and other football accessories.

Soccer News

The website is more than an ordinary football website. With the group of ardent football fans, the latest news, updates, opinions, and extensive football coverage are shared through their website and social media platforms. It also features lists of transfers, betting, match clips, and bookmaker promotions.


It is by far the world’s most popular football blog site that is independent and offers fresh news about transfers, rumors, and gossips from the English Premier League and others.


Also called Soccerlens, this site offers among the best news about football. Started back in 2006, the website aims to deliver stories and updates about football. The aim is to purely entertain, provoke, and celebrate the beautiful game in all aspect.


FootTheBall definitely brings you the latest Premier League, La Liga News, and much more.

Football Daily

This London-based website has its own YouTube Channel and is a home of football that provides latest videos, headlines, football news, statistics, debates, and exclusive interviews from football players and opinions of football enthusiasts from all around the world.

This is one of the largest football platforms that brings the latest updates and news of football, scores and highlights, transfers, fixtures and more. With over 168 posts a week, the website gives up-to-date information about football around the world.

Overall, popular football websites greatly help football enthusiast to get up-to-date information about football. Although there are a lot more websites to visit, the above-mentioned are among the best you can find when it comes to anything football.

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