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Tips on How to Pack Your Football Bag

Football is an extremely rigid activity and so it can be exhausting for so many, especially to first-time athletes. However, with the right gear and apparels, one can have an easier and more comfortable time playing on the field. If you want to learn how to pack your football bag or customized tote bags for your next games, read on.

Choose The Most Appropriate Bag

First of all, you need to choose the most appropriate bag to use for your next football games. This is important because your bag is where you will store your necessities for the game. Pick a bag that is durable enough to carry heavy weight because you will most likely put a lot of stuff into it. The bag should also have enough compartments to sort your things. Most athletes use duffle bags as they are specifically designed for sports use. However, if you want to be different, you can go for custom tote bags. They are roomy, comfortable to use, and customizable according to your preferences.

List Down Everything That You Need

If it’s your first time playing a football game, you most likely don’t know what to prepare. If you don’t know what to pack, here is a basic list that you can follow.

  • Shirts and Shorts

Ideally, bring around 3 pairs of shirts and shorts. You can bring just about any kind of shirt. As long as it’s comfortable to use, then that will do. Moreover, it’s advisable to use compression shorts to help ease sore muscles.

  • Pair of Cleats

It’s important to bring cleats and not just any kind of shoes. Cleats, compared to regular flat shoes, provide enough grip to support running.

  • Pairs of Socks

Bring around 3 pairs of socks to be able to change whenever your feet gets sweaty.

  • Shin Pads and Premiere Sock Tape

These two gears are a must-bring pair. Make sure you bring a pair of shin pads that provides enough leg and ankle protection. Also, use comfortable sock tape for maximum comfortability and flexibility on the field.

  • First Aid Kit

You don’t necessarily have to bring a whole pack of first aid kit. Just bring the most necessary ones that you’ll most likely need during the game like band aids, gauze pads, elastic wraps, athletic tape, blister patches, isopropyl alcohol, and instant ice packs.

  • Toiletries

With all the sweat after the game, you will need a quick shower. Bring the necessary toiletries and don’t forget to pack a towel inside your bag.

  • Snacks and Drinks

Football is an active game and so it can get you tired and hungry. With this, you definitely need to bring some snacks and a bottle of water to keep you energized.

Sort Your Stuff

Since you have a lot of things packed inside your bag, you need to sort them all to avoid confusion. The rule of thumb is to put together the clean ones and then separate all the dirty ones. Also, put your shoes in a different bag or compartment to avoid contaminating all of your things with stink.

Now that you know what to pack, you’re ready for the big game. Don’t forget to have fun while keeping your head in the game.

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