Visiting the Fancy Homes of Some of the Most Famous Football Players

hines ward house tour

Where do your favorite NFL players live? Being familiar with their abilities on the field, you must be wondering what the life of your favorite football players looks like. Believe it or not, some live in magnificent mansions that are fit for a king and designed by SuperStructures or someone really premium.

In this article, we are going to look at the fancy homes of some of the most famous football players.

Hines Ward

Hines Ward has been considered as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He commissioned an architect and interior designer to build his Atlanta home while incorporating both traditional and contemporary feel.
The super bowl champion has great passion for designs and house construction. He did restoration on his fancy home to give it a flavor of both a traditional style and a modern feel. Before he built his dream house, Ward admits that he spent years watching design shows and magazines and taking notes from the roofing and construction of various buildings.

Russell Wilson

The frontman of Seattle Seahawks, Russell owns a fancy lake front house in Bellevue, Washington. The house is located across the water from Seattle and has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The backyard is fitted with a lovely patio that faces the water.

The house is also fitted with marble and dark wood to give it a cozy yet elegant feel. Russell wakes up to the beautiful views of the Lake Washington, the surrounding woods and the city.

Eli Manning

The New York Giants Starting quarterback put his waterfront home for sale and sold it for $3.55 million. This has been said to be the most expensive residential sale in the City’s history. The three-bedroom and three-and-a-half-bathroom home in Hoboken, New Jersey come with 10-by-12 windows that give a stunning view of the Hudson River and the New York City skyline.

Marshawn Lynch

Former Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch’s home is in San Francisco Bay. The house’s expansive glass walls give a stunning water view from almost every room. The five-bedroom house includes 5.5 baths, an elevator, a home theatre and a wine cellar. There’s also a 58-foot-long boat dock. The house definitely looks like the perfect place to retire.

Carson Palmer

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has great eye for design, and this can be seen in his home. The house is designed for casual indoors-outdoors living with an open-plan interior. The house includes a flagstone patio, a Jacuzzi, and oceanic views from the decks.

Tom Brady

Last on this list is New England quarterback Tom Brady. Tom and his wife Gisele live in a 14000-square foot mansion that features 6 bedrooms, living rooms, breakfast rooms, a gym, pool, spa and a pond. All these give the mansion a homey yet luxurious feel.

When we think about NFL players, fancy homes and mansions come to mind. After playing hard in the field, football players deserve a treat of luxurious homes. The above-mentioned NFL players are no exception when it comes to living big.

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