Top Countries Most Passionate About Football

Football is probably one of the most watched sports in the World. Football is a passionate game with the most passionate fan base that crowd stadiums during Leagues. Although football is watched all over the world, there are countries whose love for the game is on another level. Below is a list of countries that are most passionate about football based on the level of fan base support.

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France won both the World Cup and the European titles. It is no doubt that it has the most passionate fans worldwide, which provide them with support throughout the season. Over the years, France improved the quality of their football which has made them paramount both domestically and internationally. Besides, young talents are now joining the National team.


Although Uruguay is the smallest country in South America, it is definitely a huge country when it comes to football. Thanks to its successful national team, the nation won consecutive Olympics Gold both in 1924 and 1928. They then won the World Cup in 1930 and 1950. With support from their avid football fans, the Uruguay team ranked in 15 Copa American titles, something that no other country has achieved.


England is a nation that is definitely passionate about football. With a population of just over 50 million people, millions of people attended the matches in NPO Power Championship and Barclays Premier League—not to mention the 80,000 fans that backed up the team in Wembley Stadium. Although the team does not do well in major tournaments, it, without a doubt, is a football-loving country.


Brazil is one of the most football-passionate countries in the world. Although not the birthplace of the game, Brazil nationals have embraced the game and played it well. Brazil has given birth to some of the greatest players in history including Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Pele. The team has won the world cup five times thanks to the massive support from the Brazil football fans. In fact, the country’s passion for football can be seen when they lost the World Cup in their home soil in 1950 and 2014.


Argentina is another South American country that has an intense love for the game of football. The country has the World’s greatest players like Messi who have nurtured the national team and helped them grow. As a result, they have reached 5 World Cup Finals and won two. What’s more, Buenos Aires, which is the country’s capital, has been ranked among the most football-crazed cities.


Mexicans have a tremendous passion for the game of football. This can be seen in leagues like Primeradivision de Mexico and the Bundesliga premier League where there were high attendances.

We cannot complete this list without talking about the passion of Germans in the football. Most of their matches have recorded a high number of attendances since the fans are very loyal to the national team. For instance, the Bundesliga was one of the most watched and second most attended football league with an attendance of 45,000.


The above countries take football very seriously and have a tremendous amount of love for the game. Thanks for reading the article and don’t forgot to share if you love it.

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