Best Football Apps and Websites

Sports lovers would love to keep track of what is up in the world of sports. Aside from watching the sports matches on television, you can now watch them on computers, mobile phones, and tablets through different apps and websites. In this way, every sports fan could keep track of their favorite sports teams, any time and anywhere. There are a lot of sports apps and websites you can check out. Sports websites designed by web design Malaysia are particularly more user-friendly and intuitive.

For football fans, here are some of the best apps and websites:

Manchester City Football Club

Even if this website is already around for a long time now, this site is still one of those football websites that has not been fully marketed. Despite that, the site is clear, bold, beautiful, and branded strongly. Basing on the first page alone and the feel and functionality of the website, it is so noticeable that the owners invested a lot in the site.

Arsenal Football Club

When it comes to content, usability, and craft, this website is an impressive one. The design is compatible with different devices and the design feels very original that you most likely cannot find on other football sites and apps. The content is designed and arranged in a way that fits perfectly on different screen sizes. The typography is also great; it makes you want to read their contents.

FIFA Official App

This app has a clean user interface and has great typography. This is what separates this app from other sports apps that are available in the market. It has a similar vibe or feels with the Arsenal website. Everything that you see in the app– from the clean iconography, large full bleed images, and large clear typefaces—make it generally satisfying.

Adidas Website

The Adidas website has always been reliable. It has a lot of images that are very stunning. It could also be a great source of inspirations for designs. You could learn a lot from this site. You will learn how to display and how to effectively promote your brand without making it too distracting. It features products that are used by major players and teams in the world of football and soccer, too, even those that have been specially designed for specific players.

The design of this website consists of a combination of a dark color palette; moodily shot photography, and bold, and clear typography to ensure the site would really attract attention. The site also uses some fun animation. You could really see that the developer and designer of the website have seen to it that everything just complements each other.


Puma takes the top spot along with Adidas & Nike when it comes to sports brands that do really well with their web design and digital marketing. Users love their websites & apps. The site has stylish and cool photography, and everything about it is just user-friendly.

These are just some of the best sports sites and apps that you could visit or download. With these great sports channels, sports fans can now watch their favorite sports teams play anytime, anywhere, check out their sought-after matches on different devices, or purchase related items and merchandise. You do not have to worry if you are caught in a traffic jam, as you can just freely watch these matches while on the go. This is indeed an answered prayer for the fans.

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