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Warm up Your Tailgate with the Best Kerosene Heaters

Tailgating during the football season is fun and a great time for male bonding. Spending some hours bonding over the big game feels fantastic until your body starts quivering due to the cold weather. You can lose the fun in tailgating when you have to stay in a cold place all throughout the game. The best way to counter the cold weather when tailgating is by bringing the best kerosene heater with you. While heavy blankets, 5-alarm chili, BBQ, and multiple layers of clothing can work fine, they are nothing when compared to kerosene-powered heaters.

Let us dig deep into kerosene heaters to know why they are the best solutions for those looking to stay warm all through the tailgating hours.

Why Bring a Kerosene Heater with You

Kerosene heaters are types of heating systems that are powered using kerosene fuel. They are extremely versatile heating devices which are quite popular among off-grid homes. They are non-corrosive, safe, and can be stored for many years.  It uses 1-K kerosene as fuel. Kerosene is also known as coal oil, paraffin, or coal oil. It is clear in color and cheaper than gas. The advantages of kerosene heaters are:

  • Extremely Potent – Kerosene is a super potent source of fuel. It produces 135,000 British Thermal Units for every fuel gallon. So bringing a kerosene heater will keep you comfortably warm during the whole duration of your tailgating session with your friends.
  • Quite Safe – Kerosene heaters are some of the safest power sources available. Kerosene itself is non-explosive and safe for home heating. This ensures that you and your tailgating friends do not have to worry about the event coming to an unplanned halt due to fire.
  • Environmentally Friendly – When it comes to heating systems, your health comes first. Any heating system that does not prioritize your health should be avoided by all means. Paraffin powered heaters rank top among the best and most environmentally friendly heating systems. This is because paraffin does not generate high levels of toxic emissions and smoke that can choke you up. Also, it reduces lower levels of Co2 emissions when compared to heating fuels like propane and wood.
  • Cost Friendly – Kerosene heaters are the most cost-friendly solutions for tailgaters. They will keep you and your tailgating friends warm without requiring you to break your banks.

What to prepare

Now that you have made provisions for keeping warm all throughout your tailgating session with your friends, whether indoor or outdoor, it is time to prepare everything else for the big day.

  • A big enough vehicle – If you plan on tailgating outside the football stadium, it is important that you use a car that is just big enough to hold the food, equipment, and other things that you will be using. You can also opt to have a caravan of your friends’ cars so you can distribute the load.  However, do not forget that someone should be bringing a kerosene heater with him to the venue.
  • Television – The television set should provide sharp pictures despite the glare from the sun. Check also on the connectivity so you will not miss out on the game.
  • Food and drinks – what would a tailgate be without chips, beer, and burgers. You can also try out new recipes for a barbeque and more.
  • Be sure to have a canopy – A tent or any form of a canopy will work best to protect you from weather changes. Bring kerosene heaters and cooling fans to ensure a comfortable tailgate.
  • Power source – The last thing you should not forget to bring is your power source.

If you have prepared all these, you are now all set for your tailgate. All you have to do is wait for the coin toss and the kick-off.

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