College Football 2018: How To Watch Without Cable

The upcoming college football season is almost upon us and for those who do not have a cable subscription, we need to find an alternative way to watch. The start of the college football season is an exciting time of the year and a true American pastime. This season particularly holds some suspense as there are many key new signings by some of the most powerful college teams. Will Penn State live up to this year’s hype, will the Michigan v Ohio State clash explode, or will the Tigers be taking on the Crimson Tide for the third time in the national titles? These and many other questions need answering. So how are we going to see all of this? Well, let’s investigate our options.


This method, although risky, can pay off if you find the right service. Watching free live sports online is a method which is becoming harder and harder to do. Most, if not all, of the online channels offering to stream for free, have been shut down by authorities. Both the NCAA and the FBI have gone hard harder than a Penn State offensive line to strike the services off the Internet. So be careful with this method, there are still some gems out there, but they aren’t easy to find.

Good Ol‘ Free To Air TV

The oldest and easiest way to watch this season’s games. If you head down to your local TV retailer and pick up a cheap antenna, the game can be underway in your living room by that afternoon. Yes, there’s more advertising, but there’s no ongoing cost to watching the game.


This little innovative piece of equipment allows it’s users to watch any stream of whatever TV it is connected too. Say, for example, Dad just subscribed to cable and can watch all games. Imagine then if you can be sitting on your couch in another state watching the broadcast via his subscription. That’s exactly what a SlingBox will allow you to achieve.


WatchESPN is an app available on all app stores. With a small subscription fee of $20/m users are able to catch about 90% of the college football games. This is all achieved by the aforementioned SlingTV, which ESPN added as an extra to the app.

On Your Phone

If you’re one of the wise ones who researched a mobile plan before committing to their extraordinarily long deal periods, then maybe this season will be very entertaining. Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all offer the ESPN app with the bonus college football add-on. There are still some additional costs, but it still works out cheaper than buying the entire package from the start.

College Sports Live

This is an alternative app that puts together games from all around the country. At just a tick under $10/m, it gives you access to many college sports, on top of the just the football. This includes behind the scenes coverage as well as post-match conferences. This app is available on all platforms for download and something not to pass up on.

How are you planning to watch the upcoming season? Is there a method that suits your schedule and cost? Let us know in the comments below.

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