Is SEO Just Fantasy Football in Disguise?

We all know how good the feeling is during the fantasy football season. Hours in front of the TV with mates (and sometimes not mates), regrettable food and free-flowing beers. Not only that, the hallowed time before the big game, the Wednesday and Thursdays as well as post-match Sundays and Mondays. During these times we are triple checking the lineups and tinkering with the lineups. Small details that could magnify our end results.

This would happen week in and week out, with the constant shadow behind us reminding you that if you don’t do it regularly, you will fall behind very quickly. Doesn’t that sound familiar to another online game? Yes, that’s right, Search Engine Optimisation. In particular, this means on page and off page SEO, read more about it here. Let’s break it down now and see if this comparison is truly as close as we’re making it out to be.

Drafting is Research

We all know how much time goes into researching players, their histories, their stats, their performances, their injuries. Trying to model their steps to stardom. The player can have a rough history with one team but shows so many signs of potential, that they are often too hard to overlook. Or on the other hand, there’s a player who would perform really well the past two seasons, but could it be that he is just surrounded by better talent than he really possesses on his own. Same can be said for both your domain and keyword research. Finding an expired domain has many similarities to finding that star quarterback for your perfect line up.

Never Settling

All search engine experts know that reaching the top of the rankings is not the end line, but only the start of the race. Google’s algorithm is in a constant state of change, with updates popping up regularly each year. If an expert does not keep on top of the trends, there are many competitors ranked just below them ready to just into their spot. We see the same in fantasy football week in and week out. Injured players, suspensions, and players simply not pulling their weight. Those on top of the fantasy ladder need to keep a tight line up in order to stay on top.

Picking Your Battles

Knowing your weekly match-ups is key to success. Like ensuring that you choose the right running back when there is clearly a weaker one to avoid. Same can be said for looking at your competitor’s keyword rankings. It maybe the case that one of their keywords has some killer link packages behind it which are pulling all the weight. This could mean you do not stand a chance with that keyword, so it’s better to look at some others where it’s more open for debate.

The Mysterious Playbook

Every season there is always someone in the pool which comes up with this magical lineup. So good that it must be a fluke? No, it is most likely just a creatively different way of picking a lineup. This tactic is especially relevant in SEO where backlinks should be sourced from all kinds of creative areas. Guest post, Web2.0s, and link packages are just a start of an adventurous journey to the top of the rankings.

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