Choosing a Fantasy Football Podcast

It goes without saying–the world of fantasy football has one of the most passionate and dynamic communities among other types of sports industries. Fans of the sport and the industry are always starving for the latest updates regarding their favorite teams and players. This is where a friendly fantasy football podcast comes in. With teams of fans and experts churning some of the best pieces of advice, predictions, and opinions regarding fantasy football, it’s getting harder and harder to choose a fantasy football podcast to trust with your shared sports enthusiasm.

We’ve rounded up some of most important factors that will help you choose a favorite.


Popularity is one factor that some of you might want to look for in a fantasy football podcast. By tuning on to a widely patronized podcast, such as ESPN’s Fantasy Football Focus, you’ll get official inside stories from seasoned experts and strategists. Of course, others might opt for a less universal station to get their hands on rare predictions and strategies. Mainstream podcasts may tend to include a lot of fluff and nonsense.


You don’t want to tune in on a fantasy football podcast that offers plain talk and nothing out of the ordinary that would somehow crank up the fun a little. You want real, hard-hitting opinions that stimulates the mind and provides a fresh new perspective on the sport.


Tuning in to a fantasy football podcast is part of a sports fanatic’s weekly routine. You’d want to be regularly updated with what’s happening in the world of fantasy sports. Therefore, regularity is one key factor that you want to look for in a fantasy football podcast. Technical stability is another. Who would want to listen to an on-and-off radio station?


There are several fantasy football podcasts out there for every personality if you know where to look. You can start by checking out Let’s Talk Fantasy Football’s curated list of top fantasy football podcasts.

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