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No Halftime

If you’re looking to connect with fellow Fantasy Football fans by creating one-on-one matchups of your favorite teams and players, you may want to check out this awesome sports fantasy service. It won’t be long before you’ll consider No Halftime to be your favorite DFS platform. We’ve tried it out, and here are our thoughts.

Simple User Interface

No Halftime has a very simple user interface, which makes it a well-loved mobile application among the diverse lovers of fantasy sports. Players get to select their athletes that will go head to head with other players in a daily fantasy challenge. As of now, No Halftime is exclusively for mobile devices. But rumor has it that the application will soon be accessible for PCs and Macs.

Promos and Bonuses

No Halftime welcomes new players with a 50% cash bonus for their first deposit. It observes a rake system in bonus distribution, which allows players to pad challenges as they go along.

In addition to this, the mobile application also offers in-app bonuses for the players to earn every first of the month. These bonuses come in the form of: (1) accepting challenges from opponents, and (2) building challenges for opponents to accept.

You can also get additional promos by using blog-based codes.

Paypal Processing System

Paypal is one of the most universal payment processing system in the world. No Halftime has partnered with this system to secure all financial transactions within the mobile application. It can’t possibly get any easier than this! No Halftime is in the process of expanding their payment processing system to reach more parts of the world.


Many fantasy football fans have showed their support for No Halftime, featuring the mobile application on various sports blogs and review websites. With these features, what more could you ask for?

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